12.0110 Audit-Consultants-Annual report.

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(a) The authority shall employ a firm of independent certified public accountants with electric utility experience to examine and report upon the, status of financial records and accounts, and may renew that employment annually. Copies of those reports shall be furnished to the Governor and the Legislature.

(b) The authority may make intergovernmental or contractual arrangements for expert consultants to advise and consult with it on all matters related to the operations of the authority including ratemaking, system design, planning, budgeting, and legal matters.

(c) The authority shall provide an annual report for each fiscal year to the Governor, the Legislature, and the people of American Samoa, not later than 31 Dec.

History: Rule 12-81 (Ex. Ord. 4-1981), eff 20 Aug 81, § 10.