12.0201 Service generally-Utility defined-Rate review.

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(a) Electric power is generated and distributed by the electric utility division of the department of public works of the government of American Samoa. This division is operated on a public utility basis. For convenience, the electric utility division is referred to in this chapter as the “utility”.

(b) It is the desire of the utility to render adequate electric service at rates which are as economical as possible. The utility provides overhead facilities only as far as the delivery point which, normally, is the first point of permanent support on the customer’s premises. The meter loop including the meter socket must be installed by the owner of the property or the consumer. The wiring to be done by owner must be coordinated with the facilities to be furnished by the utility.

(c) Service will be provided in the order in which applications are received. For these reasons and in the interest of good business principles, the rules set out in this chapter have been adopted.

(d) The rules set out in this chapter are not intended as construction guides for any purpose except:

(1) to locate the delivery point where proper connection to the distribution system is possible;

(2) to locate the meter where it can be read conveniently during normal working hours; and

(3) to provide code clearance for service wires. Drawings SE-1, SE-2, SE-3, SE-4, and SE-5, attached to this chapter, are for these purposes.

(e) Electrical service will bc provided and billed according to rate schedules A, B or LPI, as applicable, codified at 12.0231, 12.0232, and 12.0233. All rates structure shall be reviewed at least once annually as of 31 Mar to determine the adjustments in rates, if any, that are reasonable and necessary to the successful financial operation of the utility.

History: Rule 4-80, eff 1 Apr 80, Intro (modified 12 Jun 80 after further hearing).