12.0203 Disconnection for nonpayment-Reconnection.

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(a) If the bill becomes delinquent, the service may be disconnected with notice provided by law.

(b) if a field call is made by utility personnel because of nonpayment of a utility bill, a charge of $20 shall be made for a call during normal working hours. If the call is after normal working hours, a charge of $25 shall be made.

(c) If a service has been terminated because of nonpayment, it shall not be reconnected until all charges for service and the charges set out in subsection (b) of this section for disconnection, connection, or other field trips have been paid in cash.

(d) If the meter loop has been retired, a reconnection shall be treated as a new service after all old charges have been paid.

History: Rule 4-80, eff 1 Apr 80. Non-payment of thus: and Rule 4-86, eff 22 Dec 86. § I.