12.0221 Delivery point-Designation-Anchorage for connections.

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(a) It is essential, in order to avoid errors, that the customer ascertain from the utility to that point on the building the utility’s service drop wires will be attached. Upon inquiry by the customer, the utility will designate a location for the service drop wires and the point of attachment to the building. The utility will assume no responsibility to change the location of its service drop attachments if an improper location is chosen without consultation with the utility or if the designated location is not utilized.

(b) The point selected for the attachment of the service drop wires must be such as to make it unnecessary to install more than 1 set of wire attachments on the customer’s building. Service drop wires shall not interfere with windows, doors, awnings or other parts of the buildings or be readily accessible to persons at windows and doors or other accessible areas.

(c) Safe and adequate anchorage structures for the utility’s service connections are required of the customer, and in no case will the utility be responsible for the damage of any customer’s buildings or structures to which service wires are attached or have been attached.

(d)Where service wires are to be installed on buildings with stucco, hollow tile, stone, brick veneer, plaster, stone coated or sheet iron exteriors, and where there is available to surface suitable for the attachment of service knobs having a screw fastening, the customer shall install suitable anchorage bolts or spool racks.

(c) Where the load to be served is sufficiently large to require the use of overhead service

conductors of No. 3 AWG and larger, 5/8-inch galvanized bolts, 1 for each wire, are required. Where the service conductors are smaller than No. 3 AWG, the bolts may be smaller than 5/8 inch but in no case smaller than 3/8 inch in diameter. The bolts are to be spaced to conform to the rack supplied by the utility and should extend through the wall and be anchored on the inside surface to a substantial washer not less than 1/8 inch thick and 2 inches square. The threaded portions of the bolts are to project at least 2 inches beyond the outer surface of the building wall. Racks will be supplied by the utility.

History: Rule 4-80, eff 1 Apr 80, Service.