(a) In ease temporary service is desired, the prospective customer will make arrangements for it directly with the utility well in advance of the required service date. Temporary installations requiring special service, meter, or other work, such as for construction purposes, exhibits of short durations etc., are made at the expense of the customer, with charges according to the materials and work required for installing and removing. In all such cases, an advance payment sufficient to cover the estimated construction expense will be required.

(b) Service-entrance meter, and other wiring on temporary installations is installed in the same manner as for permanent installations, indoor or outdoor. When no building is available for the installation of service conductors and service equipment, it will be necessary to consult the utility for recommendations as to suitable Support for service drop wires and meter and weatherproof housing for the service equipment. Service entrance wiring and equipment will be supplied and installed by the customer just as for permanent installations and in the location designated by the utility.

History: Rule 4-80. eff 1 Apr 80. Temporary Services.