The general manager, American Samoa water utility division, shall enforce all rules. A finding, ruling, decision or order made, rendered, or issued by the general manager is conclusive. The conservation, and protection in order to prevent threat of exhaustion, depletion, waste, pollution or deterioration by salt encroachment.

(u) “Septic tank’’ means a watertight receptacle which receives the discharge of domestic sewage, designed and constructed so as to retain solids, digest organic matter through a period of detention, and allow the liquids to discharge outside the tank into a subsurface disposal field or 1 or more seepage pits.

(v) “Service connection” means the pipe, valves, and other facilities by means of which the utility conducts water from its distribution mains to and through the meter, or to the curb stop.

(w) “Temporary service” means a service for construction work, irrigation of vacant property, and similar used, steadily or permanently.

(x) “Utility” means the utility division, department of public works, ASG.

(y) “Water development charge” means the fees to be paid by developers and consumers as their share of the water system development costs.

(z) “Well” is defined to be, but is not limited to, any excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed into the ground for the location, exploration, diversion or acquisition of any groundwater by natural pressure or artificial means; provided, that if and whenever groundwater is encountered in an excavation for whatever purposes made, such excavation shall be considered a well and subject to this chapter.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 1.