12.0311 Policy-Classes.

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(a) Statement of Policy.

(1) The utility will endeavor, so far as is reasonably possible, to deliver a continuous supply of water to the customer at a sufficient pressure at the meter, and to avoid any shortage or interruption in delivery.

(2) If in the opinion of the utility, it is doubtful if satisfactory water service can be given, due to location or elevation of the premises then the utility may require a written release from liability for any damage or inconvenience that may occur by reason of insufficient or excessive pressure or inadequate volume of water or intermittent supply. The release shall, without further notice from the utility, remain in effect until changes, extensions, or improvements are made to the distribution system by the utility.

(3) The utility shall not be held responsible for loss or damage because of lack of water or pressure and merely agrees to furnish such quantities and pressures as are available in its general distribution system. All connections, pumps, tanks, chlorinators, filters, pressure reducers, or other appurtenances installed at any point in the line between the meter and the customer’s water outlets shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner both as to original installation and as to maintenance and upkeep. Such installations must be approved by the utility.

(4) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as a contract on the part of the utility to furnish its water for any definite period or as a public utility in respect to any water furnished outside the utility.

(b) Quality. The utility will endeavor to supply safe and potable water at all times.

(c) Classes. All services installed by the utility will be classified as follows:

(1) Residential;

(2) Commercial or industrial;

(3) Municipal or public use

(4) Public fire protection;

(5) Private fire protection;

(6) Flat rate, residential or commercial.

(d) Metering. All services except connections to approved separate fire protection service or to authorized fire hydrants will be metered.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81. Art. 2 § 3.