12.0312 Application-Changes in service.

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(a) Application.

(1) Each applicant for water service will be required to sign a form provided by the utility setting forth:

(A) the date and place of application;

(B) the location of premises to be served;

(C) the purpose for which the service is to be used;

(D) the size of service;

(E) the address to which bills are to be mailed or delivered;

(F) whether the applicant is an owner of, tenant of, or agent for: the premises;

(G) an agreement to abide by all rules of the utility.

(2) The application is merely a written request for service and does not bind the applicant to take service for any period of time longer than the one upon which the rates and minimum charges of the rate schedule are based neither does it bind the utility to give service, except under reasonable conditions.

(b) Changes in Equipment or Use. Customers making any material change in the size, character, or extent of the equipment or operations utilizing water service, or whose change in operations results in a large increase in the use of water shall immediately give the utility written notice of the nature of the change and, if necessary, amend their application.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 4.