(a) Establishment of Credit. The amount required to establish credit for service shall equal twice the estimated average of the periodic bill, but shall not be less thin $25.

(b) Unpaid Accounts. Deposits prescribed in this section may be applied to unpaid bills for water service when such service has been discontinued. The utility will require the customer to pay all outstanding bills and redeposit the specified amount before rendering water service again.

(e) Refund. This deposit, less the amount of any unpaid water bills, will be refunded, without interest, on discontinuance of service or after a year’s time if the customer has been prompt in settling his water bills.

(d) Exemptions. The requirements set out in this section for deposit shall not apply to property owned by the federal government or ASG, nor to service to other utilities or religious or charitable institutions, at the option of the utility.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81. Art. 2 § 7.