12.0317 Service connections-Meters.

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(a) Service Connections. The utility will furnish and install a service of such size and at such location as the applicant requests, provided such requests are reasonable, the service will be installed from its water distribution main to the curbline or property line of the premises which may abut on the street, on other thoroughfares, or on the utility right-of-way or easement up to 40 feet from the water distribution main. Charges for new service are payable in advance and shall be fixed at actual cost determined by the general manager and performed on a job order basis.

(b) Metering.

(1) Meters will be installed at or near the curb or at the property line, at the determination of the utility, and shall be owned by the utility.

(2) No rent or other charge will be paid by the utility for a meter or other facilities, including housing and connections, located on a customer’s premises.

(3) All meters will be sealed by the utility at the time of installation and no seal shall be altered or broken except by one of its authorized employees or agents.

(4) Only duly authorized employees or agents of the utility will be permitted to install a service connection from the utility’s main to the customer’s premises.

(c) Change in Location. Meters or services moved for the convenience of the customer will be relocated at the customer’s expense. Meters or services moved to protect the utility’s property will be moved at the utility’s expense.

(d) Changes in Meter Size. Permanent changes in the size of meters on existing services will be made at the expense of the customer.

(e) Ownership. The service connection, whether located on public or private property, is the property of the utility and the utility reserves the right to relocate, repair, replace, and maintain it, as well as to remove it upon discontinuance of service.

(f) Maintenance. The service connection, including the meter and the meter box, will be repaired ad maintained by the utility at its expense, but the utility is not responsible for the installation and maintenance of water lines beyond the end of its service.

History: Rule 11-81. eff 1 Aug 81. Art. 2 § g; and Rule 10-33, eff 3 Aug 83, § 1.