Existing vacant lots which are above the service limit for the area may be served, provided:

(1) only 1 single-family home is constructed on the lot;

(2) the elevation of the first floor of the home is at least 60 feet (measured vertically) below the spillway elevation of the supplying reservoir for the area. Where a floor elevation is less than 60 feet below the spillway elevation of the reservoir, a receiving tank with air gap, in accordance with the utility’s requirements, and a pump shall be installed. The customer shall permit the utility to inspect the installation for compliance with utility requirements;

(3) The prospective consumer enters into an agreement with the utility agreeing to accept such water service as the system is able to provide and to hold the utility harmless for all claims on account of any inadequacy of water supply,

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81,Art. 2 § 10(D).