12.0321 Bills and payment.

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(a) Billing.

(1) Meter readings: Meters will be read at regular intervals for the preparation of regular bills and as required for the preparation of opening bills, closing bills, and special bills.

(2) Billing period: Bills for water service will be rendered monthly or bimonthly.

(3) Opening and closing: Both opening and closing bills will be for not less than the minimum period charge or service charge for the type of service rendered.

(b) Payment.

(1) Periodic bills are due and payable on presentation. Payment may be made at the revenue division of the ASG or to an authorized collector or collection station.

(2) Closing hills, if service is to be discontinued, are due and payable on presentation. Collection will be made at the time of presentation.

(3) Fifteen days will be allowed after bills are mailed before service is discontinued for nonpayment.

(4) When bills are delinquent, the utility may demand that the full amount of both delinquent and current bills be paid in full.

(c) Separate Meters, Separate Charges. Each meter on a customer’s premises will be considered separately and the readings of 2 or more meters will not be combined unless the utility’s operating convenience requires the use of more than 1 meter, or of a battery of meters. The minimum monthly or bimonthly charge or set-v-ice charge for such combined meters will be based on the diameter of the total combined discharge areas of the meters.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 11.