12.0322 Disputed bills.

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Should the customer dispute the correctness of a bill for utility water service and not pay it within 15 days after presentation, the utility will notify the customer in writing:

(1) that in lieu of paying the disputed bill he may deposit with the utility the amount claimed due by the utility;

(2) that checks or other forms of remittance so deposited should be made payable to the American Samoa Government-Treasury-Water Utility;

(3) that upon receipt of a deposit, the general manager will investigate the matter, advise both parties of his findings, and dispose of the deposit in accordance therewith. Where a meter cannot be read without undue difficulty because of an obstruction, the-customer will be notified and requested to correct the condition. The utility has the right to discontinue the set-vice if the condition is not corrected. Where service is turned off for such cause the utility may require payment of a turn on charge before restoring service, or render an estimated bill;

(4) that service will not be discontinued pending the outcome of the general manager’s investigation provided that subsequent bills are paid or deposited with the utility;

(5) the failure of the customer to make such deposits within 1 5 days after the date of notification will warrant discontinuance of his service without further notice.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 12.