12.0328 Fire hydrants.

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(a) Use and Damage. No person or persons, other than those designated and authorized by the department of public safety, or by the utility, shall open any fire hydrant, attempt to draw water from it or in any manner damage or tamper with it. Any violation of this rule will be prosecuted according to law.

(b) Moving. When a fire hydrant has been installed in the location specified by the proper authority, the utility has fulfilled its obligation. Cost of such installation shall be borne by applicant. If a property owner or other party desires a change in the size, type, or location of the hydrant, he shall bear all costs of such charges, without refund. Any change in the location of a fire hydrant must be approved by the proper authority.

(c) Damage Liability. Any damage to a fire hydrant, and the consequent resulting loss or damage to property, or any injury to persons arising from or out of the damage to fire hydrants shall be paid for by the person or legal entity responsible for the damage.

(d) Maintenance of Private Hydrants. The consumer shall, at his own expense, test periodi¬cally and maintain in good and safe working condition all private hydrants under his control and not under the jurisdiction of the utility.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 19.