12.0337 Interruption in service.

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(a) The utility shall not be liable for damage resulting from an interruption in service. Temporary shutdowns may he resorted to by the utility for improvements and repairs. Whenever possible and as time permits, all customers affected will be notified prior to such shutdowns.

(b) The utility will not be liable for interruption, shortage, or insufficiency of supply, or for any loss or damage occasioned thereby, if caused by electric power outages, electric power supply malfunctions, accident, act of God, fire, strikes, riots, war, or any other cause not within its control. The utility, whenever it finds it necessary or convenient for the purpose of making repairs or improvements to its system, shall have the right temporarily to suspend delivery of water and it shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned thereby. Repairs or improvements will be implemented as rapidly as is practicable and, so far as possible, at such times as will cause the least inconvenience to the customers.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 2 § 26.