12.0345 Waste disposal facilities.

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(a) All plans proposing construction of the following waste disposal facilities must have the written approval of the general manager:

(1) Sewage disposal systems:

(A) Cesspools;

(B) Septic tank system;

(C) Individual household aerobic units;

(2) Sanitary landfills;

(3) Refuse disposal dumps;

(4) Sewage treatment plants;

(5) Stabilization ponds;

(6) Any other wastewater disposal facilities.

(b) Injection or disposal wells are prohibited.

(c) The general manager may, at his discretion withhold his approval if there is any basis to expect that the operation of the proposed waste disposal facility and any wastewater therefrom may to any degree affect the quality and/or quantity of water resources used or expected to be used for domestic water.

(d) If the general manager proposes to withhold his approval, he shall inform the applicant of those facts and reasons upon which his refusal is based and will afford the applicant an opportunity to be heard before taking action.

History: Rule 11-81. eff Aug 81, Art. 3 § 1.