(a) Any person planning to use pesticides on lands within a restricted watershed must obtain written approval from the general manager in addition to any other approval or permit required by law. Restricted watersheds include but may not be limited to the following areas:

(1) Tafunafou Wellfield watershed;

(2) Malaeaimi Wellfield watershed;

(3) Illi’ili Wellfield watershed;

(4) Malaeloa Wellfield watershed;

(5) Aasufou-Aoloaufou basin;

(6) Faga’alu Catelirnent watershed;

(7) Fagatogo Catchment watershed;

(8) Utumoa Catchment watershed;

(9) Lauli’ituai watershed;

(10) Aua-Afono Road watershed.

(b) The general manager may prohibit or restrict the use of pesticides in any area when there is a reasonable basis to expect the pesticide will affect the quality of water resources used, or expected to be used, for domestic water.

(c) If the general manager proposes to prohibit or restrict the use of pesticides in an indicated area, he shall inform the users of pesticides in the area of those facts and reasons upon which his prohibition or restriction is based, and afford the users an opportunity to be heard before taking action.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 3 § 3.