12.0348 Land use restriction.

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(a) Whenever applications for any land use activity within the watersheds serving the utility, whether permitted or not by territorial agencies, are submitted to the general manager for his review, the general manager shall investigate the effects the proposed use may have on water resources.

(b) The general manager may recommend disapproval, within 30 days, if he finds for arty reason that the proposed activity could affect water resources and may be a detriment to the water resources used or expected to be used for domestic water.

(c) If the general manager recommends disapproval, he shall inform the applicant of those facts are reasons upon which his disapproval is based and shall afford the applicant an opportunity for informal hearing before the general manager prior to making a final decision.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 3 § 4.