12.0358 Fire-protection rates.

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(a) These rates apply to services used exclusively for fire-protection purposes including automatic fire sprinkler services connected to alarm systems, fire hydrants, and wet standpipes which are protected against theft, leakage, or waste of water and to which no connections or usage of water for other purposes are allowed.

(b) For each application for new service, based on the size of the pipe connecting the fire-protection service with the street main, there shall be a I-time charge as follows:

(c) For existing services with monthly charges, the rates shall be as follows:

Connecting Pipe Site (inches) Monthly Charge 2 $6.00

4 11.00

6 14.00

8 20.00

(d) No charge will be made for water used through these services for fire-protection purposes. Any water lost through leakage or used in violation of the Water Utility Rules and Regulations applicable to this type of service shall be changed at the general quantity rates.

History: Rule 11-81, eff 1 Aug 81, Art. 4 § 4.