As used in the chapter unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) Administrator” means a person hired by the board to administer the financial aid program.

(b) “Board” means the student financial aid board.

(c)“Chairman” means the chairman of the board elected from among its members in January each year by the members of the board.

(d) “Secretary” means the secretary of the board elected from among its members in January of each year by the members of the board. (e)“Cumulative GPA” means the cumulative grade point average.

(f) “Education costs” means those costs of a student’s tuition, laboratory fees, books and supplies, room and board, and college offered health or hospital insurance coverage.

(g) “Educational institution” means an accredited 4-year institute of higher learning.

(h) “Financial aid” means a scholarship, grant, loan, or any other monetary assistance provided by the board for postsecondary education.

(i) “Financial need” means need for financial assistance as defined in the federal at 20 USC 1089, as amended, and as further defined by or qualified in the Code of Federal Regulations.

(j) “Full-time student” means a student attending an educational institution taking not less than 12 credit hours per academic term or semester. Repeated courses are excluded in determining credit hours.

(k) “Fund” means the American Samoa Government Student Financial Aid Fund.

(1) “Job opportunity reports” means the reports prepared by the offices of Manpower Resources and Development Planning annually on potential public and private enterprise employment opportunity for college graduates and biennially on 5-year projected public and private enterprise employment needs pursuant to 16.2512 A.S.C.A.

(m) “SAT” means the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

(n) “Scholastic achievement” means the results of competitive college entrance examinations, TOEFL, the student’s cumulative GPA, and other general academic projects completed while attending a secondary educational institution.

(o) “Student” means a person enrolled and regularly pursuing studies at an education institution.

(p) “TOEFL” means the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

History: Rule 10-80, eff 20 Aug 80. § 2; repealed and replaced by Rule 1-88, eff 25 May 88, §§ 1,2.