Financial aid may only be awarded to an applicant who:

(1) is a United States national or citizen, or an American Samoan as defined in 41.0202(1)

(c) A.S.C.A., or a permanent resident in accordance with 41.0401 A.S.C.A., et seq., or a person legally adopted in accordance with 45.0401 A.S.C.A., et seq.; and

(2) is a legal resident of American Samoa as defined in 6.02 12 A.S.C.A., and in compliance with applicable territorial immigration laws except that the residence of the parents or legal guardians of a minor shall be presumed to be the legal residence of that minor; and

(3) has been accepted to or is attending an educational institution.

History: Rule 10-80, eff 20 Aug 80. § 5; repealed and replaced by Rule 1-88, eff 25 May,.88, §§ 1,2.