(a) In addition to the amount of any financial aid, each recipient of financial aid shall be provided air transportation at the standard economy rate for commercial air carriers from American Samoa to the recipient’s educational institution upon the initial award. Return air transportation at the same rate to American Samoa, and a personal effects allowance of $500 maximum paid in cash, shall be provided each recipient who satisfactorily completes degree requirements as specified by the recipient’s educational institution. The cash personal effects allowance is intended to permit a successful recipient to ship books and other educational materials and personal effects accumulated during the course of study back to American Samoa.

(b) Air transportation at the standard economy rate for commercial carriers to American Samoa shall not be provided any recipient who does not complete degree requirements due to failure.

(c) All other transportation expense, whether for persons or things, is the recipient’s responsibility.

(d) The board will not be responsible for transportation costs of any recipient to attend personal affairs including weddings, funerals, graduations.

History: Rule 10-80, eff 20 Aug 80. § 10; repealed and replaced by Rule 1-88. eff 25 May 88, §§ 1,2.