15.0101 Findings and purpose.

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(a) The director of parks and recreation has determined that certain commercial activities may be allowed in limited numbers and under controlled conditions within selected park areas under the management and control of the department of parks and recreation.

(b) it has been further established, that these commercial activities will favorably contribute toward the ability of the general public to enjoy and utilize certain park areas and facilities. These activities, however, will result in increased administrative costs to the department. Therefore, the system which allows these commercial uses should ensure that the public is properly recompensed for the additional costs incurred.

(c) Finally, it is recognized that commercial activities within the park system exist as a privilege, not as a right. Therefore, all reasonable measures by the department of parks and recreation to minimize the adverse impacts of these activities upon the general public and upon park capacities, are just and proper. These measures may include, but are not limited to, temporarily or permanently curtailing at any location, one or more commercial activities that may have become incompatible due to changes in circumstances.

History: Rule 17-87. eff 24 Dec 87. § 2.