Applications for authorized activity designations will be reviewed on the following criteria:

(1) whether the activity is consistent with the nature of a particular park;

(2) whether the facilities in a particular park or the facilities of the park system generally may be consistent with the needs of the applicant and the general public;

(3) the extent to which the general public will be inconvenienced should the activity be authorized;

(4) whether the applicant has the appropriate business license(s) to conduct the activity requested;

(5) whether an appropriate fee should be assessed should the activity be authorized;

(6) whether there exist appropriate parks or locations within parks where the activity should take place;

(7) appropriate times or durations when the activity should occur;

(8) The proper number of persons that should be allowed to participate in the activity; and

(9) any other subject or condition which relates to the propriety of any designation or application.

History: Rule 17-87. eff 24 Dec 87. § 2.