15.0205 Revocation of authorized activity designation.

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(a) The director or an authorized representative must schedule a hearing, with notice given to the permit holder, to revoke or otherwise modify an authorized activity designation. During the course of such a hearing, information may be accepted from interested parties related but not limited to:

(1) changes in conditions subsequent to the granting of the authorized activity designation;

(2) the reasonableness of the conditions that may have been set forth in the granting of the designation; and

(3) any other factor which relates to the proposed revocation or modification of the authorized activity designation.

(b) After such a hearing, the director may revoke, modify or continue the authorized activity designation, and must provide the applicant or the affected permittees with a written explanation for the action.

History: Rule 17-87. eff 24 Dec 87. § 2.