(a) Valid permits shall be issued only by the department. Duplicate copies will not be honored. Depending on the activity, the activity may also require a business license (See Chapter. 27.02 A.S.C.A.). The following activities when conducted within the park system require a permit:

(1) Fund-raising Activities. All fund-raising activities shall be conducted only with a permit.

(2) Area Reservations. Reservations to conduct noncommercial activities at specific sites within the park system require a permit.

(3) Picnics and Parties. Picnics and parties in which 50 or more people are either expected or the organizers should reasonably expect to attend require a permit.

(4) Camping. Camping requires a permit.

(5) Sports. All scheduled sporting and athletic activities, including practices require a permit.

(6) Food Concessions. Operators of food concession stands need permits, in addition to other health permits and business licenses required by statute.

(7) Parking. Parking is permitted only in designated parking lots. Parking of vehicles in designated parking lots between the hours of 2: 00 a.m. and 5: 00 a.m. requires a permit.

(8) Boating and Boats. Keeping a boat within the park system longer than 8 hours requires a permit.

(b) Permits shall be valid for the date(s) or times stated thereon. If no date or time is stated, the permit shall be valid for 24 hours.

History: Rule 17-37. eff 24 Dec 87. § 2.