15.0401 General picnic and party rules.

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The following general rules shall apply to all picnics and parties held at any territorial park, except as otherwise noted:

(a) Any picnic site at a territorial park may be used on a first-come first-served basis.

(b) Picnic and party groups with less than 50 persons: Picnic and party groups with less than 50 persons arc considered “family groups” and do not require a permit unless a specific site is reserved. See 15.0303 for the required fees.

(e) Picnic and party groups consisting of 50 or more persons: Picnic groups consisting of 50 or more persons must obtain a picnic permit from the department and shall have it readily available at the picnic or party site for presentation to any police or department represen¬tative upon request. For large picnics and parties where the group size is 100 or more, and where advanced picnic site reservations are necessary for planning purposes, a permit application must be submitted no later than 3 working days prior to the requested date of use.

(d) Deposits and fees:

(1) 0 through 50 people, free;

(2) 51 through 100 people, $50;

(3) over 100 people, $100.

(e) Vehicles shall not be allowed to be driven on grassed areas for loading and unloading or any other purpose unless approval is obtained from the department and authorization is noted on the permit.

(f) Except for in barbeque grills and braziers, the kindling, building, maintaining or using of any fire is prohibited unless specifically authorized on the permit.

(g) Private barbeque grills must be lifted at least 12 inches above the grass and kept away from tree trunks, plants, and picnic tables.

(h) Ashes and charcoal shall not be deposited near trees, plants or anywhere on the ground. Live charcoal shall be deposited only in permanently installed barbeques where provided, or in refuse containers after the charcoal is completely extinguished.

(i) hookups for electricity and/or water are allowed provided authorization is noted on the permit.

(j) Drinking of alcoholic beverages in the parks is permitted; however, persons making loud or offensive conduct, or distracting others wi11 be asked to leave the park.

(k) Small canopies or other tent-like shelters used for protection from the sun may be allowed provided they do not interfere with other park users, interfere with park main¬tenance work, or damage park vegetation. Large tents sustained by poles and pegs may be allowed provided a site plan is submitted and approved by the department, and then only if authorization is noted on the permit. Nails, screws or spikes shall not be driven into trees or structures.

(l) Picnickers and partiers must keep their area clean and deposit all rubbish in the containers provided.

(m) Food caterers shall not be allowed to cook food on territorial property.

History: Rule 17-87. eff 24 Dec 87. § 2.