15.0505 Prohibited activities and remedies.

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In addition to the prohibited activities set forth in the preceding sections of this chapter, the following activities are prohibited:

(a) No person is authorized to allow private animals on the course. If animals are found on the course, department employees have the authority to dispose of the animal in any lawful manner they deem appropriate.

(b) Except for department employees, no person shall be on the course except during the periods of operation stated in 15.0504 above. Persons found on the course during unau¬thorized times may be suspended or barred from further use of the course and referred to the police department for criminal prosecution as deemed appropriate by department personnel.

(c) No person is allowed to play golf or use a department golf cart without having paid the required fees.

(d) Private vehicles are not allowed on the golf course except in the case, of a medical emergency, and then only to pick up and transport the sick or injured person from the course.

(e) No children under 12 years of age are allowed on the golf course at any time unless they are registered with the junior golf program.

History: Rule 17-87. eff 24 Dec 87, § 2.