19.0102 Scope of rules and commercial vehicle regulation.

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The commerce commission interprets the interest of the Legislature in enacting chapters 19.01 and 19.02 ASCA to be the protection of the health, safety and general welfare of all those people of American Samoa or visitors to American Samoa who use commercial vehicles, either for personal transportation or for transportation of freight. The protection envisions:

(1) the adoption of rules to deal with fair and uniform rates, fares and charges for transportation of persons and freight;

(2) the issuance, or denial, of commercial drivers permits; the limitation, modification, suspension or revocation of permits so issued;

(3) the providing of a uniform system and classification of accounts to be used by commercial carriers;

(4) the adoption of rules regarding qualifications for permit issuance and safety rules for commercial vehicles and the operation thereof and periodic inspections;

(5) the issuance of certificates of convenience and necessity;

(6) the investigation of the financial ability of applicants for certificates of convenience and necessity;

(7) the adoption of rules of procedure to guide the chief of police or his designee and the commerce commission while enforcing the commercial vehicle law, and the rules set out in this chapter and when issuing orders pursuant there – to or for the taking of appeals therefrom; and

(8) designating the amount and type of insurance for commercial carriers and their freight and passengers.

History: Comm. Commn. Regs., eff 1 Jan 73. Reg. 1.02; amd 2012, Rule 01-2012, eff 1 Oct 12.

Amendments: 2012, subsection (1) added, “the adoption of.” Subsection (2), changed “refusal to issue” to “denial.” Subsection (8), added “designating.”