Denial by the chief of police or the commissioner of public safety of an application for a commercial driver’s permit may be appealed to the commission within 10 days of notice of such denial. The aggrieved applicant shall state the reasons for such appeal on a form provided by the commission and, upon receipt of such appeal, the commission shall provide the applicant with a hearing within a reasonable time. Such hearing shall provide the appealing party with an opportunity to show cause why a commercial permit should be issued to him. The commission may, upon reasonable grounds and subject to reasonable conditions, then award a commercial driver’s permit or affirm the decision of the chief of police. The decision of the commission shall be in writing, made within a reasonable length of time from date of hearing, and sent by mail to applicant’s address.

History: Comm. Commn. Regs. eff 1 Jan 73. Rep. 1.01.