(a) The safety inspector of the Commission shall determine each bus’ maximum occupancy based on the number of seats available in the bus, the type of vehicle, the length of the passenger-carrying compartment, the length such passenger-carrying compartment protrudes behind the rear wheels, the manner such compartment is attached to the chassis, the strength of shock absorbers and springs, and such other consideration deemed relevant by the inspector. This maximum occupancy number shall be identified on the certificate of convenience and necessity and visibly posted in the bus.

(b) No bus shall be loaded beyond the maximum occupancy.

(c) A person shall not stand, sit on the floor, or sit on the steps of an operating bus.

(d) Any person violating a provision of this section shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and sentenced accordingly. This rule may be applied to passengers, the driver, and/or the owner of the bus, and any others in violation.

History: Comm. Commn. Regs., eff 1 Jan 73. Reg. 1.02; amd 2012, Rule 01-2012, eff 1 Oct 12.

Amendments: 2012, changed number from 19.0154. Added subsections (b)-(d).