(a) Fees shall be submitted with all instruments prescribed in this chapter and shall be the amount prescribed by law or rule. Every filing shall be accepted subject to collection of the fee. A charge of $15 will be imposed if a check in payment of the fee is not honored by the bank on which it is drawn. A receipt issued by the office of the territorial registrar for any such fee shall not be binding if a fee is found uncollectible. Remittances of fees must be in the form of United States currency, cashiers check or personal check only. Remittances of fees must be drawn on a bank or other institution located in American Samoa and be payable in United States currency. Fees in the form of postage stamps or money order shall not be accepted. Remittances shall be made payable in the exact amount of the fee(s) and payable to the “Treasurer-American Samoa Government.”

(b) The following fees and charges are prescribed:

(1) The fee for land and title registration, letter of objection, separation agreement, land lease agreement and deeds of conveyance shall be for each $12;

(2) The fee for registering a deed, bank note, agreement, articles of incorporation, power of attorney and other instruments not listed above shall be $5;

(3) The fee for performing research into the records shall be $5 per request;

(4) The fee charged by the office of the attorney general and the territorial registrar for photocopies of records or instruments pursuant to this chapter shall be $0.75 per page.

History: Rule 8-87, eff 22 Apr 87.