2.0308 Agency records schedules.

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Each agency is to maintain and apply an agency records schedule, approved by the archivist and on a form prepared by the archivist, for all records of the agency. Such schedules shall include a comprehensive list of the types or series of records of the agency and shall specify the proper disposition of each type or series by providing instructions for:

(1) the retention of all records of continuing value;

(2) the destruction or other disposal of records of no further value;

(3) the removal to the government records center of agency records which are not suitable for either immediate destruction or transfer to the archives but are no longer actively needed in agency space;

(4) the transfer of custody to the government archives of those records of permanent value which are no longer actively needed in agency space. Records of permanent value are those which have been determined by the archivist, on the basis of current archival standards, to have sufficient value to warrant preservation in the government archives.

History: Rule 14-87, eff 4 Aug 87.