2.0309 Approval of agency records schedules.

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Agency records schedules shall be approved in the following manner:

(a) A draft schedule shall be prepared by the agency and archivist, indicating the record types or series made or received by the agency and proposed disposition instructions for each type. Disposition instructions shall be based on analysis of the administrative, legal, fiscal, audit, historical, and other values of each record type. Such analysis shall be consistent with current standards of records management and archival practice.

(b) The archivist shall forward the draft schedule to the attorney general, treasurer , and territorial auditor for their review and comments based, respectively, on the legal, fiscal, and audit values of the record types included on it. Any comments shall be returned to the archivist within 20 days.

(c) The archivist, after review of comments received under subsection (b) and any appropriate modifications of the draft schedule, shall prepare and approve an agency records schedule which shall be submitted to the head of the agency for approval. The approval of each shall represent their certification that the records recommended for disposal will not have sufficient administrative, legal, fiscal, audit, historical, or other value to warrant retention beyond the expiration of their specified periods. Upon approval by the archivist and the head of the agency, the schedule shall be considered an approved agency records schedule.

History: Rule 14-87, eff 4 Aug 87.