2.0314 Records destruction.

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An agency intending to destroy, sell as scrap, purge, or otherwise discard any temporary records shall forward to the archivist a notification of the proposed action at least 15 days in advance of the intended action. Such a notification shall be on a form prepared by the archivist and may be either a notice of one-time records destruction or a plan for continuing records destruction over a period of time. In both cases, such notification shall indicate the records to be destroyed, their quantity or other appropriate measure, their inclusive dates, and reference to the records schedule governing their disposition. No records may be destroyed unless they have been properly scheduled and notification of their intended disposition has been sent to the archivist in accordance with this rule. The archivist shall prohibit any records destruction which is not in conformity with these rules and approved schedules.

History: Rule 14-87, eff 4 Aug 87.