20.0113 Certificates of registry and inspection.

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(a) It shall be the duty of the board to provide blank certificates of registry and inspection. Such register shall cover ownership of the vessel, residence and citizen ship of owner and if there be more than 1 owner, the proportion of ownership to each owner his residence and citizenship, the name of the vessel its home port, name of present master his address and citizenship tonnage, kind of vessel, and appropriate ship measurement.

(b) Certificates of registry and inspection shall be issued for periods of 1 year but nothing herein shall be construed as preventing the revocation or suspension of such certificate in case such process is authorized by law. The certificates shall be signed by the examiner and chairman.

(c) Exhibition of certificates of registry and inspection: The certificates of registry and inspection shall be framed under glass and posted in a conspicuous place in the vessel where it will most likely be observed by passengers and others.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72, § 3.01.