20.0120 Engineer’s license qualifications.

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All persons operating or performing technical duties on vessels engaged in coastwise or interisland traffic in American Samoa or adjacent waters shall be duly licensed as an engineer. The qualifications for issuance of an engineer’s license are as follows:

(1) The individual must be a United States national, United States citizen, or a resident alien who has resided in American Samoa for at least 5 years or has met all requirements of the immigration rules of American Samoa;

(2) He must provide character references from at least 3 responsible persons, 2 of whom must be vessel’s officers;

(3) He must provide documentary proof that he has had shop experience or other engine room time corresponding to that as follows:

(A) He must have at least 18 months experience in the engine department of a motor vessel except as otherwise provided for in this section;

(B) For a license not exceeding 150 horsepower, 18 months shop experience as a watch tender or a total of at least 3 years sea experience standing watch in an engine room.

(C) For a license of over 150 horsepower and not exceeding 500 horsepower, 2 years shop experience and 1 year sea experience as a watch tender or a total of 4 years sea experience as a watch tender in an engine room.

(D) For a license over 500 horsepower and not exceeding 750 horsepower 4 years shop experience and 2 years sea experience as a watch tender or a total of 6 years sea experience as a watch tender in an engine room.

(4) All applicants will be required to successfully qualify for the class of license for which they are applying:

(A) The board shall designate upon the license any horsepower of a marine engine on which lie may act:

(B) The term vessel, as used in this section, includes any vessel of 15 gross tons or over propelled by gas, diesel, or diesel-electric power, or other machinery.

(C) The term “shop experience” means time served under apprenticeship or service in any mechanical workshop oilier than auto repair. Mechanical workshop service shall include service in a

powerhouse or on heavy equipment, machine shop, or any shop specializing in marine engine repair, diesel engine repair, or electrical repair. Documentary evidence shall be submitted showing at least 2 years experience in any mechanical or electrical shop.

(D) Requirements for officer qualification shall be first, second mate, and assistant engineer.

History: Bd. of Mar. lnsp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72, § 6.03.