20.0206 Bulkheads required.

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(a) Less than 100 gross tons: not less than 4 watertight, transverse bulkheads. There shall be a forepeak bulkhead located not less than 5% of the length of the vessel from the bow, 1 bulkhead at the forward end of machinery space, and 1 bulkhead aft of the machinery space and 1 collision bulkhead after located not less than 5% of the vessel length from the stem; provided, however, if bulkheads provided for in this section are not practical due to construction of the vessel, a permanent flotation medium may be substituted in lieu of the bulkheads. The flotation medium shall be to the satisfaction of the board.

(b) Bulkheads on vessels of 100 gross tons and up to 300 gross tons: no less than 4 nor more than 7, and spaced as required by the local board. The general structure of the vessel shall determine the actual number of bulkheads, but in all cases there shall be 1 watertight bulkhead just forward of the engineroom, 1 watertight bulkhead at the forward end, 1 watertight bulkhead just aft of the engineroom and 1 watertight bulkhead at the stern just forward of the steering gear.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., eff 16 0ct 72, § 4.07.