20.0216 Electrical wiring standards.

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On all vessels using electrical wiring or electricity for any purpose, the installation shall be in keeping with the best modern practice. Wire shall be of an approved type; (protected) cable shall be required in cargo spaces, storerooms, enginerooms, and in all places where the loads are liable to mechanical injury. Joints in wiring shall be made in metal boxes. When wires are led through beams, frames, or nonwatertight bulkheads, they shall be carried in conduit, armored casing, or bushings. Wire led through watertight bulkheads or decks shall be provided with suitable stuffing boxes. All fixtures, taps, joints, and splices shall be fitted with metal boxes. Boxes exposed to weather, in cargo and machinery spaces, shall be weathertight. Special attention will be given by the board in examining electrical installation to see that it is such as to preclude any danger of fire.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., off 16 Oct 72. 4.17.