20.0222 Fire pump-Extinguishers and systems.

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(a) All vessels of 100 gross tons and under shall be equipped with 1 hand fire pump or a combination fire and bilge pump of not less than 100 cubic inches or a power-driven pump of equivalent of not less than 30 gallons per minute at 60 pounds per square inch at maximum discharge pressure of the pump. This pump is to be in addition to the regular bilge and fire pump as set out below. Vessels over 100 gross tons and under 500 gross tons shall have at least 1 electrical or independently driven pump connected at all times to tile fire mains, and the pumps shall be capable of delivering a jet of water from the highest outlet of the fire mains at a gauged pressure of 50 pounds per square inch through a nozzle of not less than 5/8 inch diameter where the hose diameter does not exceed 1-1/2 inches. Outlet of the fire mains shall be of sufficient number and so arranged that any part of the living quarters, whether decks and cargo decks accessible to crew and passengers, may be reached with a single 50 foot length of hoses

(b) (l)CO2 extinguishers are to be weighed every 6 months and, if found to be more than 10% under the required contents, recharged.

(2) portable CO2 extinguishers or equivalent shall be carried as in the following table, being minimal requirements:

Vessel Length   Number and Size of Extinguishers
 (A) Under 70 feet 4-15 lb.
 (B) Over 70 feet and under 110 feet 6-15 lb.
 (C) Over 110 feet and under 150 feet 9-15 lb.

(3) Extinguishers shall be in general distributed throughout the vessel as follows:

(A) Paint locker – 1;

(B) Generator room – 1;

(C) Radio room -1;

(D) Galley-1;

(E) Engineroom -2;

(F) Crew compartment -1 for each;

(G) Pilothouse – 1

(H) Lazarette or afterpeak – 1.

(c) CO2 , systems for engineroom space: When at the discretion of the board a CO2 smothering system is installed, the quantity of CO2 shall be sufficient to give a gas salutation of 25% of the gross volume of the engineroom. The quantity of CO2 required may be determined approximately by the following formula:

W L x II x D

22 Where W= Weight of CO2 required in pounds;

L = Length of engineroom in feet;

B= Breadth of engitterocin in feet;

D= Distance in feet from floor plates to underaids of deck immediately above engineroom.

The system shall be capable of being operated from a convenient and accessible place outside of the space protected.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72, § 4.23.