20.0225 Logbook contents-Loading.

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(a) Every vessel shall have an official logbook wherein will be entered the following: draft marks prior to departure, radio calls, records of compliance for repairs, replacement and general maintenance and other matters covered by the rules set forth in this chapter and elsewhere in this title.

(b) It is unlawful for any vessel subject to the rules established by the board to be so loaded as to submerge in seawater the load line or lines marked upon the vessel. Any master who permits the load line or tines to be submerged may be liable to suspension or revocation of his license, as the board may direct. The official responsible for clearing the vessel shall require the vessel to off-load either passengers, cargo, or both, sufficient so as not to submerge the load line as established by the beard. The permanent ballast of the vessel shall not be removed in order to correct an overload.

(c) Detention of overloaded vessel: If the board has reason to believe, on complaint or otherwise, that a vessel subject to this chapter is about to proceed to sea when loaded in violation of this section, it may detain her provisionally for the purpose of being surveyed. Such vessel may then be examined by the board and be released or required to reload in whole or in part in order to conform to the rules.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72, § 5.01.