20.0230 Explosives-Inflammables-Dangerous articles.

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No comphene, nitroglycelin, naphtha benzine, benzol, kerosene, crude petroleum, compressed gases, both industrial and domestic types, other than in fire extinguishers or CO2 in other containers, or other, like explosive-burning fluids or gases or other, like dangerous articles shall be carried as freight on any vessels carrying passengers, nor shall gunpowder be carried on any such vessel without specific authority of the board. Nor shall fire extinguisher, CO2 in other containers, oil, vitriol, nitric or other chemical acids be carried on such vessels except on the decks thereof or in such safe part of the vessel as is prescribed by the board. Ship’s stores such as paints, turpentine, oils, and other products subject to spontaneous combustion or of an explosive nature may be carried; however, in all instances, these stores shall be kept in lockers, tanks, or containers as prescribed by the board. Nothing in the provisions of this section shall prohibit the use by vessels of gasoline or any other petroleum product when used as a source of motive power of such vessel or for the operation of motor boats, lighting plants, or emergency fire pump, provided the storage and equipment meets the approval of the board. When such products are to be carried, a written request to the board shall be made and approval or disapproval made subject to the existing circumstances.

History: Bd. of Mar. Insp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72,§ 5.06; and Ru1e 9-75, eff 29 Dec 75, § 1.