20.0242 Operator license.

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Every operator of any vessel 40 feet in length and under, but not less than 16 feet, shall have in his possession a license to operate vessels of this design and length, or a marine board license covering vessels of not more than 15 tons.

(a) The operator shall have the knowledge as required for the operation of vessels and shall take an examination prepared by the board. A license to operate this type vessel shall be issued upon passing of the examination.

(b) The operator must have a rudimentary knowledge of engine and other boat hull repairs.

(c) The operator shall have an operating license in ‘us possession, which shall be available for immediate production to boarding officers at any time during which he operates the vessel.

History: Bd. of Mar, Insp. Regs., eff 16 Oct 72.,§ 9.02 (c);and Rule 4-76, eff 14 Jul 76, § 1 (part).