20.0304 Water-Visitor permits-Assignments-Private buoys.

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(a) Owners and operators of vessels are advised that water may be available provided prior arrangements have been made with the water utilities branch and the harbormaster has designated a place where water can be taken aboard. The current charge for water is $0.25 per short ton (240 fluid gallons).

(b) Arriving visitors will report to the immigration office to obtain a visitor’s permit. The initial permit will be for 30 days. Extended visits in excess of 30 days will require an additional permit and approval of the immigration office, and a copy of such permit must be presented to the harbormaster. There is no charge to obtain a permit. Should a permit to visit be denied by the immigration office, harbor privileges will be considered voided and the vessel concerned must prepare to depart American Samoa.

(c) The director of port administration or his duly authorized representative has full authority to assign vessels to berth or anchorage. No movements within the harbor, change of berth or anchorage will be permitted unless prior approval has been obtained from the port director or his duly authorized representative. When a conflict is apparent between the transients and residents in the marina vicinity, the director and supervisor of parks and recreation will mutually resolve the problem.

(d) Sports fishermen and boaters are encouraged to utilize the marina complex facilities. The project was a joint undertaking of the ASG and the bureau of outdoor recreation to increase interest and encourage water-oriented activities.

(e) No private buoys or other project will be placed in the waters of the harbor unless prior approval has been obtained from the director of port administration and, the Governor. Such buoys or other objects must be removed at the expense of the owner thereof, either upon direction of the port director or upon departure from American Samoa.

History: Rule 1-78, eff 2 Mar 78, § 4 (e).