(a) The landing charges in this section shall entitle the aircraft to a maximum period of 3 hours ground time without extra charge.

(b)The rate of the landing charge for aircraft of more than 12,500 pounds approved maximum gross takeoff weight, per 1,000 pounds, or fraction thereof, per landing is $3.10 for the period beginning January 1, 1990 and ending December 3 1, 1990.

(c) For .purposes of subsection (b) of this section, the rate of the landing charge for each calendar year shall be determined, and adjusted as necessary, to derive sufficient revenue to equal the difference between the total of the following specified expenses on one hand, and other revenues, on the other hand, from the operation of Pago Pago International Airport during the preceding fiscal year, provided that categories of expenses and other revenues shall be based on projections for the current fiscal year when those projections increase or decrease. the category for the preceding fiscal year by 10% or more, adjusted each year commencing January 1 by carrying over the net income or net loss averaged over the two preceding fiscal years. The foregoing notwithstanding, the then existing rate shall be reviewed as of March 31 and adjusted as of July 1 each year, and may be reviewed and adjusted at other times during the year, to reflect significant changes in revenues or expenses, or both. The expenses shall include personnel costs, travel, contractual services, materials and supplies, utilities, total depreciation times and the ratio that territorial funds invested in plant-in-service bears to the total funds invested in the plant, bad debts, and miscellaneous expenses. Other revenues shall include landing charges from military and naval aircraft, or any other aircraft, aircraft parking charges, service charges for use of the terminal facilities, rental income, and miscellaneous income.

(d) The rates of the landing charges for aircraft of 12,500 pounds or less approved maximum gross take¬off weight are $20 per landing for aircraft based outside American Samoa and $10 per landing for locally based aircraft, provided that when paying passengers are on board the aircraft at the time the rates of the landing charges for such aircraft are as follows:

(1) $10 per landing for aircraft having a designed maximum passenger capacity of more than 10 persons;

(2) $5 per landing for aircraft having a designed maximum passenger capacity of 4 to 10 persons;

(3) $2 per landing for aircraft having a designed maximum passenger capacity to 3 persons or less.

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