22.0104 Fee-Safety, insurance certificates.

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In accordance with 22.1002 A.S.C.A., no privately owned motor vehicle shall be registered without:

(1) payment of the annual motor vehicle license fee of $25 prescribed by 22.1002 A.S.C.A., or the prorated amount thereof when applicable under 22.0105 (b), of this chapter;

(2) presentation of an official certificate of safety inspection issued pursuant to 22.1201 through 22.1231 A.S.C.A., within the immediately preceding 10 days;

(3) presentation of a certificate of compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance coverage required by 22.2001 through 22.2019 A.S.C.A., and effective for the entire, succeeding period of registration.

History: Ru1e 9-79,eff 21 Nov 79.§ 4.