24.0155 Notice of violation – Order to correct – Hearing.

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Whenever the commission has reason to believe that a violation of any provision of any rule pursuant to Chapter 24.01 A.S.C.A., has occurred, it may cause written notice to be served upon the alleged violator or violators. The notice shall specify the provisions of Chapter 24.01 A.S.C.A., or rule alleged to be violated, and the facts alleged to constitute a violation thereof, and may include an order that necessary corrective action be taken within a reasonable time. Any such order shall become final unless, no later than ten days after the date the notice and order are served, The person or persons named therein request in writing a hearing before the commission. Upon such request, the commission shall hold a hearing. In lieu of an order, the commission may require that the alleged violator or violators appear before the commission for a hearing at a time and place specified in the notice and answer the charges complained of, or the commission may initiate further action pursuant to the A.S.C.A., and all adopted rules of the commission.

History: Env. Qual. Comm. Regs., eff prior to 1975, § 6.01.
For a sample form of an order or summons of the commission, see Appendix A to 24.01.