24.0210 Enforcement, Compliance and Water Quality Monitoring

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(a) Enforcement Authority

Enforcement of these standards shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Environmental Quality Act, Title 24, Chapter 01, ASCA.

(b) Determination of Compliance With Ambient Standards

(1) Compliance with numeric water quality standards (24.0206) shall be determined utilizing the median of at least four consecutive measurements over a time period of not less than 3 months or greater than 12 months, or at a frequency specified by the EQC. For toxic substances, compliance shall be determined by any single sample, unless otherwise specified by the EQC.

(2) In situations where the natural conditions exceed a standard given in 24.0206, the natural water quality shall constitute the applicable standard.

(c) Analytical Methods

Unless otherwise approved by EQC and USEPA or stipulated in these standards, analysis performed to determine compliance with these standards shall be those approved by USEPA.

(d) Sanitary Survey Requirements

If a monitoring station consistently exceeds the geometric-mean standard for E. coli or enterococcus, the EQC shall conduct, or require a discharger to conduct, a survey to determine the source of the contamination. When a sanitary survey identifies a controllable source of indicator organisms associated with a discharge of sewage, the EQC shall take action to control the source. Waste discharge requirements shall require the discharger to conduct sanitary surveys when so directed by the EQC. Such requirements shall contain provisions requiring the discharger to control any controllable discharges identified in a sanitary survey.

History: Rule 6-05, eff 2005.