It is illegal to maintain any animal or bird aboard any vessel or aircraft in American Samoa for more than 48 hours. Animals or birds must be either destroyed under the supervision of the department of agriculture, shipped off the islands on the first available flight at the owner’s expense, or the vessel or aircraft must leave American Samoa after the 48-hour period. During the time the vessel or aircraft is in port, all animals or birds must be kept under strict quarantine aboard the vessel or aircraft. How¬ever, if a bond is posted by the owner for the animal and this is approved by the department of agriculture, then the animal may be maintained in the vessel or aircraft. The director of agriculture or his authorized representative will determine the bond on any animal. If the animal is found off of the vessel or aircraft, it may he destroyed by the department of agriculture and the bond forfeited.

History: Rule 2-78, eff 4 Apr 78, § 3 (b) (4).