Except as indicated, the following plants, plant parts, and seeds are prohibited entry into American Samoa:

(a) All coconut plants or parts thereof, except that nuts may be permitted entry when fumigated with methyl bromide at the port of origin;

(b) All rice plants and parts thereof, except milled rice for human consumption;

(c) All pineapple and related plants except within the area embraced by the South Pacific Commission;

(d) All citrus and related plants or parts thereof for propagation except from areas known to be free from citrus canker or quick decline (Tristezs);

(e) All rubber plants and parts thereof from areas where the American leaf disease (Dothidella ulei) occurs, and from other areas, only in the form of seed or budwood;

(f) All cacao plants and parts thereof from areas where witch’s broom (Marasmium fernicious) or swollen shoot disease occur;

(g) All plants of sugarcane and other species of Saceharurn or parts thereof;

(h) All plants of banana and other Musa species or parts thereof, from areas where panacea disease (Fusarium oxisporum var. cubense) or bunchy top virus disease occur;

(i) All coffee plants and parts thereof from areas where the coffee bean borer (Stephenoderes coffee) exists, or where the blockwood disease of robusta coffee (Thielaviopsis neocaledonise) is known to occur.

History: Ex. Ord. 1, eff Jan 55, Plant and Animal Quar. Regs. Part 3 § 3.